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Jeux Flash gratuit (Jeu Fun) Cartoons Flash gratuits

Fun Gratuit regroupe 7,068 jeux flash et cartoons flash. Ces jeux et cartoons en Flash sont gratuits et classés par catégories : jeux d'action, jeux d'aventure, jeux de sport, jeux de filles ou encore des jeux de cuisine ... Vous retrouverez fréquemment ici de nouveaux jeux flash et cartoons flash en ligne, et des jeux parking, ou les jeux de guerre.
Les jeux et cartoons flash présents sur le site sont la propriété exclusive de leurs auteurs mais vous pouvez y jouer gratuitement sur internet.

Derniers Jeux Flash

Jeu gratuit jeux dora coloriage jeux dora coloriage
voici un jeu de dora de coloriage
+ Jeux de Filles
Jeu gratuit Habbo Hotel Habbo Hotel
Manage a youth club inside Habbo Hotel.
+ Jeux d'Aventure

Jeux d'Action gratuits

Jeu gratuit DobbleDobble
Collect the letters in the correct order to spell out the appropriate word!
Jeu gratuit Simpsons Snow FightSimpsons Snow Fight
In Springfield Snow Fight use your mouse to aim and throw snowballs. Use Left and Right arrow keys to dod...
Jeu gratuit Boa ConstrictorBoa Constrictor
Crawl though the labyrinth and eat all what you run into. The boa can bump into the walls, but not into i...
Jeu gratuit SimpletonSimpleton
The zombies are just never ending in this side scroller, Simpleton.

Jeux d'Aventure gratuits

Jeu gratuit GatewayGateway
Guide your robot through a series of mysterious and puzzling levels.
Jeu gratuit Down Hill AdventureDown Hill Adventure
3 lives to survive downhill sledding with numerous obstacles
Jeu gratuit Demonic DefenceDemonic Defence
Build your castle upgrade walls, add gunners and defend it. RPG-Shoot...
Jeu gratuit Gladiator RPGGladiator RPG
Build a gladiator and send him to do battle in this flash RPG.

Jeux d'Arcade gratuits

Jeu gratuit Hyper SphereHyper Sphere
Play this fun game. Try to guide the sphere to end of the level. Watch out for traps and obstacles.
Jeu gratuit Flash OutFlash Out
Catch the ball with the stick. Try to get the ball hitting the cubes and let them disappear.
Jeu gratuit Bush-ismsBush-isms
As a member of the elite BPA Bushizm Protection Agency, you have to punch any disruptors attempting to hi...
Jeu gratuit DefenderDefender
Beef up your defenses if you want your city to be able to withstand the blow that the monsters will bring...

Jeux de Casino gratuits

Jeu gratuit Casino - Let It RideCasino - Let It Ride
Click on the chip amount you wish to bet. Press DEAL button to get cards. Determine if your hand is worth...
Jeu gratuit BlackjackBlackjack
This is a nice Blackjack games that allow playing upto 5 hands at once
Jeu gratuit The Worm RaceThe Worm Race
Bet on the fastest worm in the worm race
Jeu gratuit HS Mood MatchHS Mood Match
Find 2 pairs of the same face

Jeux de Filles gratuits

Jeu gratuit Masquerade PartyMasquerade Party
Jeanie is going to a Masquerade Party. Help her to dressup and put on her makeup.
Jeu gratuit Mini ShortsMini Shorts
Show off your legs in those hot mini shorts.
Jeu gratuit What's In Your WardrobeWhat's In Your Wardrobe
What's In Your Wardrobe: Peek into this girls wardrobe and do your magic on her. She has lots of clothes ...
Jeu gratuit Rock Star FashionRock Star Fashion
Rock Star Fashion: Welcome to the world of rock stars. Get her the right style and a matching electric gu...

Jeux Inclassables gratuits

Jeu gratuit Bloomin' GardensBloomin' Gardens
Prevent the garden going wild. Get the plants in lines of 5 to clear them from the garden.
Jeu gratuit Planet MayhemPlanet Mayhem
Select your team, humans or aliens, then character and weapon of choice, then launch it across the p
Jeu gratuit Embassy Sharp ShooterEmbassy Sharp Shooter
Shoot as many targets as you can within the time, dont miss or you loose points.
Jeu gratuit The FishermanThe Fisherman
Catch small fishes, and those big ones for more money, you will use it during your shopping after ea

Jeux de Puzzle gratuits

Jeu gratuit LinesLines
Line up a certain amount of circles according to difficulty to remove the line.
Jeu gratuit Ilya Voloshins TetrisIlya Voloshins Tetris
New and great look for tetris check itIf you liked Ilya Voloshins Tetris, you may also enjoy... Great M...
Jeu gratuit Mouse EscapeMouse Escape
Attempt to get your mouse out of each maze without colliding into the boundaries or objects.
Jeu gratuit Timebot v1.1Timebot v1.1
Timebot is a time travelling action puzzle game. Jump back in time and use past versions of yourself to h...

Jeux de Tir gratuits

Jeu gratuit Balloon Assault GameBalloon Assault Game
Use your mouse to move the pin from left to right to pop the balloons. Be sure to pop specially marked ba...
Jeu gratuit Delta FlashDelta Flash
Kill your enemy as fast as possile to score.
Jeu gratuit Super Metal ArmorSuper Metal Armor
Kill the enemies, switch or buy weapons and destroy bosses to pass each level.
Jeu gratuit BreakpointBreakpoint
Defend yourself by shooting all the zombies and other enemies who try to attack you from all angles.

Jeux de Sports gratuits

Jeu gratuit 3D Super Ball3D Super Ball
Bounce the ball on the wall to set a high score. The objective of the game is to gain points by hitting t...
Jeu gratuit Putter NutterPutter Nutter
Help your golf player in putting all the balls accurately in the hole before time runs out to score maxim...
Jeu gratuit Hawaiian RunnerHawaiian Runner
Race along Hawaiian beaches and up mountain sides trying to outfox your opponent anyway you can. Upgrade ...
Jeu gratuit Moon RiderMoon Rider
Solo Bike racing game that take place in the night

Jeux de Strategie gratuits

Jeu gratuit Burger RestaurantBurger Restaurant
Make milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to the top! There are 3 different resta...
Jeu gratuit Robot FactoryRobot Factory
In this 20-level game, you assemble the robot soldiers and control them to fight the enemy robots. Defeat...
Jeu gratuit HustlerHustler
Become a real hustler as you deal drugs and make as much money as possible
Jeu gratuit Covert Front Episode 2Covert Front Episode 2
Agent Kara continues on her adventure in the sequel to the hit Covert Front.

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