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Jeux Flash gratuit (Jeu Fun) Cartoons Flash gratuits

Fun Gratuit regroupe 7,068 jeux flash et cartoons flash. Ces jeux et cartoons en Flash sont gratuits et classés par catégories : jeux d'action, jeux d'aventure, jeux de sport, jeux de filles ou encore des jeux de cuisine ... Vous retrouverez fréquemment ici de nouveaux jeux flash et cartoons flash en ligne, et des jeux parking, ou les jeux de guerre.
Les jeux et cartoons flash présents sur le site sont la propriété exclusive de leurs auteurs mais vous pouvez y jouer gratuitement sur internet.

Derniers Jeux Flash

Jeu gratuit jeux dora coloriage jeux dora coloriage
voici un jeu de dora de coloriage
+ Jeux de Filles
Jeu gratuit Habbo Hotel Habbo Hotel
Manage a youth club inside Habbo Hotel.
+ Jeux d'Aventure

Jeux d'Action gratuits

Jeu gratuit Be The SlayerBe The Slayer
Click on the vampires to slay them
Jeu gratuit HoudiniHoudini
Free Houdini from the chains.
Jeu gratuit Avatar  Treetop TroubleAvatar Treetop Trouble
You play as Sokka and it is your job to run around the tree tops with terrible controls and get to the to...
Jeu gratuit Aces HighAces High
Poker style game.

Jeux d'Aventure gratuits

Jeu gratuit Brain Splatters 2Brain Splatters 2
Pick your path in this interactive storylike adventure avoid being shot question people and get stronger ...
Jeu gratuit Zelda WalkZelda Walk
Walk trough the forest, escape the enemies and reap the rewards!
Jeu gratuit DinokDinok
Help these 3 dinosaurs travels through different levels. Each dinosaur has different skills and abilities...
Jeu gratuit Monsters' DenMonsters' Den
A party-based dungeon crawl tactical RPG. Create a party of up to four heroes, from five distinct charact...

Jeux d'Arcade gratuits

Jeu gratuit The Kungfu StatesmenThe Kungfu Statesmen
Choose from 1 of the 3 Kungfu master and go recover the all important secret document
Jeu gratuit Jeu VoteJeu Vote
"Politic" game in which the voters now become the invader and your vote is the only defense
Jeu gratuit Presidential KnockoutPresidential Knockout
Try to knock out either of the Presidential candidates
Jeu gratuit 2D Memory Trial2D Memory Trial
Another game where you have to match the similiar shapes in as few clicks as possible, but this one has n...

Jeux de Casino gratuits

Jeu gratuit Monster MahjongMonster Mahjong
Play mahjong against the monsters
Jeu gratuit BlackjackBlackjack
This is a nice Blackjack games that allow playing upto 5 hands at once
Jeu gratuit Trotter Track ArenaTrotter Track Arena
Horce race that allow betting
Jeu gratuit Speed CardsSpeed Cards
Whether higher or lower, add a connecting card faster than the computer does

Jeux de Filles gratuits

Jeu gratuit Happy Day Dress UpHappy Day Dress Up
Dress up this family for their big, happy day
Jeu gratuit Roiworld Dress Up Game 363Roiworld Dress Up Game 363
Roiworld Dress Up Game 363
Jeu gratuit Girl Makeover 7Girl Makeover 7
Her hair matches the floor! That cant be right!
Jeu gratuit Design My RoomDesign My Room
Design My Room: Furnish this room with a wide assortment of furniture and accessories. You can even print...

Jeux Inclassables gratuits

Jeu gratuit Swap JobSwap Job
A fun puzzle game where you must line items up.
Jeu gratuit Super Mario Power CoinsSuper Mario Power Coins
Dodge the falling obstacles such as the classic angry-rocks, bomb-bullets, american footballs and fi
Jeu gratuit Glow MonkeyGlow Monkey
The Dolly Lamba is back and he has taken control over Greenland and captured your friend. It is up to you...
Jeu gratuit Chris FarleyChris Farley
Chris Farley Soundboard.

Jeux de Puzzle gratuits

Jeu gratuit Just SudokuJust Sudoku
A Sudoku game with lots of different puzzles to solve offline without using pen and paper.
Jeu gratuit Zoo KeeperZoo Keeper
Move around animals match them up three in a row to remove them score points enough before time runs out.
Jeu gratuit 12 Puzzle12 Puzzle
Fit the puzzle pieces together to solve the puzzle!
Jeu gratuit StarShineStarShine
Light up all the stars in this dazzling new action puzzler. You have but a single shooting star in your a...

Jeux de Tir gratuits

Jeu gratuit Gun Down The GunganGun Down The Gungan
Kill as many Gungun as possible within the time limit
Jeu gratuit TeletubbiesTeletubbies
Shoot the teletubbies but not the cow!
Jeu gratuit Weapon of Bush DestructionWeapon of Bush Destruction
Go around shooting all the 'bushs', fun game that somewhat weird but enjoyable.
Jeu gratuit Celebrity Hitman, Terrorist AlertCelebrity Hitman, Terrorist Alert
You are under attack from mutant terrorists. Try to live.

Jeux de Sports gratuits

Jeu gratuit New Car Net RacerNew Car Net Racer
Control the car purely with mouse and cursor distance in this unique car racing game
Jeu gratuit Moron MarathonMoron Marathon
Cactus vs. Snowman vs. Stinky Bean... Who wins?
Jeu gratuit SkyDiverSkyDiver
Take a dive into the red paddling pool. Keep an eye on the flag for wind speed and direction.
Jeu gratuit Downhill AventurasDownhill Aventuras
Ski downhill on a sled and avoid hitting objects.

Jeux de Strategie gratuits

Jeu gratuit Star DefenseStar Defense
Survive as many waves of Alien space craft as you can in this unique defense game. Build satellite turret...
Jeu gratuit Gary And The BrainEaters From MarsGary And The BrainEaters From Mars
You must defeat the aliens by removing their source of power - Happyworld Slushies.
Jeu gratuit Metal Slug Rampage 2Metal Slug Rampage 2
Follow up to the cool and popular Metal Slug game
Jeu gratuit McDonalds Video GameMcDonalds Video Game
Making money in a corporation like McDonald's is not simple at all. Behind every sandwich there is a comp...

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